Jim Rohack, MD

Texas physicians and patients have benefited from having Dr. Jayesh Shah on the TMA Board of Trustees. I have worked with Jay when I was in TMA leadership and his being on the TMA Delegation to the AMA. He is compassionate, thoughtful, hard working and focused on improving the practice of medicine. He has my unqualified support to return to the TMA BOT.

Bill Hinchey, MD

I am honored to endorse Dr. Jay Shah for re-election to the Board of Trustees. Being a past member and Chairman of the TMA Board, I know firsthand what personal qualities are needed to serve on the Board and Jay has all of them. He is a proven leader and a compassionate physician who always put patients first.

Dr. Tom Garcia

Dr. Jay Shah had clearly demonstrated his commitment to organized medicine throughout the many years of service to the TMA and as delegate to the AMA. We, physicians of Texas, can be very proud of Jay’s service and his commitment to the principles of physicians in the practice of medicine whether it be private practice, academic endeavors, group practice, multi-specialty groups, specialty or family practice. His experience in serving Texas physicians is why we need Dr. Jay Shah on the TMA board to continue his excellent service.

David N. Henkes, MD

I have worked with Jay Shah for many years at the Bexar County Medical Society, the Texas Medical Association, and the American Medical Association.

Jay shows up to meetings prepared and eager to engage in the dialogue. He is energetic and always ready to volunteer for tasks. I think the attribute that I most admire about Jay is his perseverance and persistence while dealing with issues. The practice of medicine has changed significantly during the past several years, and recently, we have seen additional dramatic social changes due to the pandemic. In this environment, we need a leader who carefully examines issues and looks for potential solutions. But Jay will even go a step further and analyze the responses to the proposed solution, adjust, if necessary, or propose new strategies. Especially now, the Board of Trustees needs strong leadership and Jay brings tenacity, energy combined with his dedication to physicians and the patients they serve.

Jay also brings diversity and business training to the physicians and patient of Texas through his service on the TMA Board of Trustees. He recently completed an MBA and has previously served as president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin.

I urge you to support and vote for Jay for re-election to the TMA Board of Trustees.

Rodolfo Molina, MD

I would like to endorse Jay for re-election to the Texas BOT. He is passionate, energetic and thoughtful. We need more like him to represent us.

Ezequiel “Zeke” Silva III, MD

I have witnessed Dr. Shah’s exceptional talents across a spectrum from our local medical staff to the national stage that is the AMA. At every level, his commitment, confidence, and vision inspire others to do great things. He has my highest endorsement for the TMA Board of Trustees.

Leah H. Jacobson, MD FAAP

It is with great enthusiasm that I strongly support the re-election of Dr. Jayesh Shah to the TMA Board of Trustees (BOT). Jay has proven himself to be a compassionate and effective leader. His knowledge and commitment make him an enormous asset to the TMA BOT and organized medicine in general. He has represented the physicians of Texas admirably, and I know he will continue to do so.

Jennifer R. Rushton, MD

“Jay’s passion for advocacy is contagious! When I was new to organized medicine, he inspired me to become more active at the state and national level. If reelected to the TMA Board of Trustees, I know Jay will continue to work tirelessly for Texas physicians and patients and continue to inspire others to do the same.”

Dr. Josie Williams

“Jay is young physician with extraordinary energy, drive and love for medical profession and has good record of service to the Texas Medical Association “

Adam V Ratner, MD, FACR

I strongly endorse Dr. Jayesh Shah for re-election to the TMA Board of Trustees. Jay is a strong leader and a personable and compassionate physician. He has served as president of the Bexar County Medical Society and continues his activities on BCMS committees at the grassroots while also serving actively at the state level.

Michael Battista, MD

“I strongly support and endorse Dr. Jayesh Shah for re-election to the TMA Board of Trustees. Dr. Shah is a kind, compassionate and caring person in all he does. He is a great listener, inclusive and collaborative in working with others. Dr. Shah has demonstrated excellent leadership in fulfilling key leadership roles at all levels of organized medicine. He has well served patients and clinicians for many years and I am confident he will continue to do so if reelected as a TMA Board of Trustee.”

Dr. Rajam Ramamurthy

“Once in a while a leader emerges amidst many hardworking dedicated individuals. I believe that Jayesh Shah is one such individual with the passion to serve. We as a group should clinch the moment”

Dr. Vijay Koli

“Jayesh Shah, a leader with a compelling vision, has a facilitative leadership style to shape up consensus. His dedication, passion, and service to organized medicine are unparallel. He is a beacon for young physicians.”

John J. Nava, MD

I am proud to endorse Dr. Jayesh Shah for re-election to the TMA Board of Trustees. Jay is a proven leader, a good listener, and and a compassionate physician who advocates for both colleagues and their patients. He continues to be active at the state and local level while maintaining a busy practice which includes teaching commitments. He will serve the family of medicine well.

Lubna Naeem M.D

I have known Dr. Shah for over ten years and have always found him to be dependable and a compassionate leader. He has long standing affiliation with TMA where he passionately raises voice on all forums to ensure provision of better health care delivery and access to medical care for all. He devotes time to many educational, research activities and is affiliated with many civic organizations and community wellbeing programs. It is a privilege to support Dr. Jayesh Shah M.D in re-electing him for the position of TMA’s Board of Trustees.

Dr. Niranjan Banda

“People need a helping hand to gain success many times, and with no reservations I can say Dr Jayesh Shah is most important person in my success.
Mini-externship program, initiated by Dr Shah helped me and many international medical graduates in gaining US clinical experience and helped in getting into residency programs.
He is a most insightful, selfless, helping man who can do any work with utmost ease. “

Dr. Venkat K.Rao.

“Dr. Jayesh Shah has unique leadership qualities. He is not only hard working but is also a team player and conscensus builder.He is an open minded person. He showed exceptional leadership abilities in advancing IMG physician issues at American Medical Association”

Dr. Apurv Gupta

“Jayesh is an incredibly dynamic and driven individual. He truly understands leadership and knows when to take action. I find him to be an inspiration for our community of Indian physicians.”

Dr. Madhu Parikh

“Jayesh’s commitment to serve AAPI is unquestionable and We are happy to support his candidancy.”

Dr. Ajeet Kothari

“Jayesh’s commitment to serve AAPI is unquestionable and We are happy to support his candidancy.”

Dr. Nick Shroff

“Jayesh Shah is an effective communicator with knowledge, experience and passion to address diverse IMG issues, like physician equality and fairness. Jayesh will use his experience, and leadership skills to bring new enthusiasm, creativity and a balanced perspective to AAPI.”

Dr. Bhushan Pandya

“I have known Jayesh for the last year or so. During this time I have had an opportunity to know him in different capacities. His resume illustrates his consistent and effective leadership roles. I have personally experienced his leadership qualities, hard work, big heart, tireless attempt at helping people.”

Dr. Sharvari Parghi

“As a young physician leader, Jayesh Shah is an incredible mentor, who is able to not only accomplish great tasks, but also able to unite and bridge physicians from all spectrums of age, training and walks of life. Jayesh continues to selflessly devote himself to the growth of the Indian physician community-whether locally in TIPS or AAPI.

Dr. Paul Sheffield

“Dr Shah is a highly respected clinician and visionary leader in wound care and hyperbaric medicine. He is a valued member of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and a founding member of the Hyperbaric Society of India.”

Dr. James Rohack on AMA Blog..

I was honored to be the chief guest at the inaugural charity gala hosted by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, the Texas Indo-Physicians Society Southwest Chapter and the India Association of San Antonio. The San Antonio event, entitled “Dancing for the Millions-Jai Ho,” was a mix of Indian cultures with the Southwest.

Using the theme from the Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire and song, “Jai Ho” (may you be victorious), the event highlighted dancing from India and Mexico, interspersed with presentations by AAPI President Vinod Shah, MD; a representative from the lead sponsor Lone Star National Bank; and myself representing the AMA. The dance styles included Indian folk, hip hop, salsa, flamenco and Bollywood. Jayesh Shah, MD, treasurer of AAPI and chair of the AMA International Medical Graduates Section, was the driving force that made the event a wonderful success.

The event’s beneficiaries are patients who receive medical care in free medical clinics in India (17) and the United States (10, including one in San Antonio) which are supported by AAPI and TIPS-SW. As I discussed the important role international medical graduates play in the AMA, it was clear that we share a common bond in caring for patients.

Humanity is our patient. It was fitting that the final dance was based on the Maya Angelo poem “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” It represented the cry of those whose lives are devastated by natural disasters and unnatural infliction of suffering by humans on each other.

Though the AMA is working toward reforming the American health care system and providing health insurance coverage to more individuals, the reality is that all individuals who live in the United States will not be covered. Free clinics will still be needed, especially in geographic areas where expanded health insurance coverage will still leave gaps due to individual legal status or choice.

Until later…

Vimal Goyle

Hello Jayesh,

Congratulations and sincere thanks for working very hard to host the Fall GBM. Appreciate your kind hospitality. Thanks for taking us to ALAMO and The RIVER WALK and DINNER TOUR. I found out the Mayor of Your city is a classmate of my son Raj from Harvard law. They know each other for more than 10 years. I was able to meet Mr. Seeling from ECFMG. He gave quite a bit new information. You are an assest to AAPI.

Gita /Satish Anand MD

Dear Jayesh/Neha,

Both of you and your wonderful team has done excellent job in keeping the spirit of friendship above and beyond AAPI. Hospitality was top notch, comradery was great. All arrangements including bus rides were wonderful. Hope future events by other chapters for such an event keep these things in mind. With fond memories,

Prakash Desai,MD

Dear Jayeshbhai,

You have done a fantastic job putting all together. My hearty congratulations once again. Your entire team deserves credit for such a successful program. May be we should do something in Amarillo. The food was great, the dances were outstanding and the support and warmth of all your San Antonio folks was is an example of our Indian hospitality. Meeting with other AAPI colleagues was personally very rewarding and I learned a lot about them how they put enormous efforts at the cost of their practice and time to put interests of AAPI and its vision forward. You made extensive efforts to put the program together and this is a shining example of what the community can do things together.

Your thoughts in honoring Dr. Suryakant Patel is greatly appreciated. He relentlessly performs for AAPI and Indian community in general and provides me with guidance and support. WE have a TIPS meeting with CME organized on Oct 30th in Amarillo. Please accept my heart felt invitation to you all to visit Amarillo on this occasion if you can. After the CME talk I would like to discuss the progress AAPI has made particularly in reference to charitable foundation and the health care reform that Dr. Shah discussed to the local folks and drive to increase our membership.

Once again Meena and I sincerely appreciate what you have accomplished. You have my full support in future for such events and for your progress in AAPI as president in future.

My regards to Neha and your kids and parents

Sanat Gandhi


On behalf of all BOT members I would like to congratulate you for putting up such a marvelous spectacle and hugely successful charitable fund raising event. You have raised the bar so high it would be difficult for others to match.