Texas physicians and patients have benefited from having Dr. Jayesh Shah on the TMA Board of Trustees. I have worked with Jay when I was in TMA leadership and his being on the TMA Delegation to the AMA. He is compassionate, thoughtful, hard working and focused on improving the practice of medicine. He has my unqualified support to return to the TMA BOT.

Jim Rohack, MD
Past President-TMA; Past President-AMA

I am honored to endorse Dr. Jay Shah for re-election to the Board of Trustees. Being a past member and Chairman of the TMA Board, I know firsthand what personal qualities are needed to serve on the Board and Jay has all of them. He is a proven leader and a compassionate physician who always put patients first.

Bill Hinchey, MD
Past President, Texas Medical Association

Dr. Jay Shah had clearly demonstrated his commitment to organized medicine throughout the many years of service to the TMA and as delegate to the AMA. We, physicians of Texas, can be very proud of Jay’s service and his commitment to the principles of physicians in the practice of medicine whether it be private practice, academic endeavors, group practice, multi-specialty groups, specialty or family practice. His experience in serving Texas physicians is why we need Dr. Jay Shah on the TMA board to continue his excellent service.

Dr. Tom Garcia
Past President, Texas Medical Association

I have worked with Jay Shah for many years at the Bexar County Medical Society, the Texas Medical Association, and the American Medical Association.

Jay shows up to meetings prepared and eager to engage in the dialogue. He is energetic and always ready to volunteer for tasks. I think the attribute that I most admire about Jay is his perseverance and persistence while dealing with issues. The practice of medicine has changed significantly during the past several years, and recently, we have seen additional dramatic social changes due to the pandemic. In this environment, we need a leader who carefully examines issues and looks for potential solutions. But Jay will even go a step further and analyze the responses to the proposed solution, adjust, if necessary, or propose new strategies. Especially now, the Board of Trustees needs strong leadership and Jay brings tenacity, energy combined with his dedication to physicians and the patients they serve.

Jay also brings diversity and business training to the physicians and patient of Texas through his service on the TMA Board of Trustees. He recently completed an MBA and has previously served as president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin.

I urge you to support and vote for Jay for re-election to the TMA Board of Trustees.

David N. Henkes, MD
Past Chair, TMA Board of Trustees Chair, Texas Delegation to AMA

I would like to endorse Jay for re-election to the Texas BOT. He is passionate, energetic and thoughtful. We need more like him to represent us.

Rodolfo Molina, MD
President-BCMS, President-Arthritis Associates PA, Past President and Founder-State of Texas Association of Rheumatologists

I have witnessed Dr. Shah’s exceptional talents across a spectrum from our local medical staff to the national stage that is the AMA. At every level, his commitment, confidence, and vision inspire others to do great things. He has my highest endorsement for the TMA Board of Trustees.

Ezequiel “Zeke” Silva III, MD
Chair, AMA RUC Committee

It is with great enthusiasm that I strongly support the re-election of Dr. Jayesh Shah to the TMA Board of Trustees (BOT). Jay has proven himself to be a compassionate and effective leader. His knowledge and commitment make him an enormous asset to the TMA BOT and organized medicine in general. He has represented the physicians of Texas admirably, and I know he will continue to do so.

Leah H. Jacobson, MD FAAP
Past President, Bexar County Medical Society

“Jay’s passion for advocacy is contagious! When I was new to organized medicine, he inspired me to become more active at the state and national level. If reelected to the TMA Board of Trustees, I know Jay will continue to work tirelessly for Texas physicians and patients and continue to inspire others to do the same.”

Jennifer R. Rushton, MD
Alternate Delegate to the AMA

“Jay is young physician with extraordinary energy, drive and love for medical profession and has good record of service to the Texas Medical Association “

Dr. Josie Williams
TMA Past President

I strongly endorse Dr. Jayesh Shah for re-election to the TMA Board of Trustees. Jay is a strong leader and a personable and compassionate physician. He has served as president of the Bexar County Medical Society and continues his activities on BCMS committees at the grassroots while also serving actively at the state level.

Adam V Ratner, MD, FACR
Past President, Bexar County Medical Society

“I strongly support and endorse Dr. Jayesh Shah for re-election to the TMA Board of Trustees. Dr. Shah is a kind, compassionate and caring person in all he does. He is a great listener, inclusive and collaborative in working with others. Dr. Shah has demonstrated excellent leadership in fulfilling key leadership roles at all levels of organized medicine. He has well served patients and clinicians for many years and I am confident he will continue to do so if reelected as a TMA Board of Trustee.”

Michael Battista, MD
Board of Director, BCMS

“Once in a while a leader emerges amidst many hardworking dedicated individuals. I believe that Jayesh Shah is one such individual with the passion to serve. We as a group should clinch the moment”

Dr. Rajam Ramamurthy
Past Chair, Board of Trustee,AAPI Past President, BCMS

“Jayesh Shah, a leader with a compelling vision, has a facilitative leadership style to shape up consensus. His dedication, passion, and service to organized medicine are unparallel. He is a beacon for young physicians.”

Dr. Vijay Koli
Past President, AAPI Past President, BCMS

I am proud to endorse Dr. Jayesh Shah for re-election to the TMA Board of Trustees. Jay is a proven leader, a good listener, and and a compassionate physician who advocates for both colleagues and their patients. He continues to be active at the state and local level while maintaining a busy practice which includes teaching commitments. He will serve the family of medicine well.

John J. Nava, MD
Vice-President, BCMS
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