I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jay Shah for many years at the Bexar County Medical Society, the Texas Medical Association, and the American Medical Association.

Jay is a passionate, eager, and avid advocate for our profession.  Jay’s strong business acumen and organizational leadership have been an asset to TMA Board of Trustees for the past several years. Having an MBA, Jay understands the “business of medicine” as well as the “practice of medicine”, and Jay always advocates for quality health care. Jay has proven his passion for our profession at all levels by being an active and renown spokesperson in local (BCMS), state (TMA), and national (AMA) organizations. His past service as President of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, as President of Bexar County Medical Society. and as President of the State Chapter TIPS SW chapter have proven he is the best candidate for TMA President Elect.

Jay always comes to meetings prepared and eager to engage in the dialogue. He is energetic and always ready to volunteer for tasks. I think the attributes that I most admire about Jay is his ability to build consensus and his perseverance and persistence while dealing with issues. The practice of medicine has changed significantly during the past several years. We need a leader who carefully examines issues and looks for all potential solutions, develops consensus, and will work to execute the solution.  Especially now, the Board of Trustees needs strong leadership and Jay brings tenacity and energy combined with dedication to physicians and patients.

David N. Henkes, MD
Past Chair, TMA Board of Trustees Chair, Texas Delegation to AMA

Dr. Shah will make a great presidents for TODAY’s TMA. I first came to know Jay well when he beat me out for alternate AMA delegate about 10 years ago. While that disappointed me, it was a great win for TMA as he has become an integral part of the GREAT Texas delegation. (I was fortunate to get a spot on the ACOG delegation, so it worked our well for both of us)

Jay is thoughtful, kind, compassionate and dedicated. He works hard to stay on top of policy matters and brings a fantastic perspective to his work.

He has cared for a family member and he is always anxious to help.

Let’s elect Jayesh Shah to the office of President-Elect.

G. Sealy Massingill, MD
Delegate to AMA for ACOG, member AMA Council on Long Range Plannning and Development
Past President, Tarrant County Medical Society
Past Presdent, Texas Association of OBG
Past President, TMA Foundation Board of Trustees

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Jayesh Shah in various capacities over the years within the Texas Medical Association (TMA). Notably, we’ve served together on the TMA delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA), where his insights and guidance have been invaluable.

One of Dr. Shah’s most admirable qualities is his commitment to education and mentorship. His personal journey and achievements at Trinity University greatly influenced my own decision to enroll in the same program. He took the time to share his experiences and provide advice, showing a genuine interest in my future and success. His mentorship has not only been instrumental in my academic journey, but it has also significantly impacted my professional growth.

In our shared duties within the TMA and AMA, I have always been impressed by Dr. Shah’s ability to navigate complex scenarios with ease and clarity. He possesses a deep understanding of the inner workings of the AMA and is always willing to share this knowledge to benefit the team and the broader community.

Dr. Shah embodies the spirit of service, showing great dedication to his colleagues, his profession, and the medical community at large. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his personal integrity and leadership qualities, sets a high bar for all who work alongside him.

Given his outstanding professional competencies, personal qualities, and the profound impact he’s had on those around him, I am thrilled to support Dr. Shah’s campaign for President-Elect of the TMA. His leadership would undoubtedly propel our association and the healthcare community at large toward a promising future.

I recommend Dr. Jayesh Shah without reservation and look forward to his continued contributions and leadership in his role as President-Elect of the TMA.

Yasser Zeid, MD
Past President; Rusk CMS and Gregg-Upshur CMS Member, TMA Council on Legislation, TMA Alternate Delegate to the AMA

Texas physicians and patients have benefited from having Dr. Jayesh Shah on the TMA Board of Trustees. I have worked with Jay when I was in TMA leadership and his being on the TMA Delegation to the AMA. He is compassionate, thoughtful, hardworking and focused on improving the practice of medicine. He has my unqualified support for TMA President Elect Election

Jim Rohack, MD
Past President-TMA; Past President-AMA

I am honored to endorse Dr. Jay Shah for TMA’s President Elect. Having served on the TMA Board including as President Elect and knowing Jay for many years, I know firsthand that Jay has the personal traits, experience, zeal, compassion, and desire to serve as President-elect and then President. He is a proven leader and a compassionate physician whose goals are to improve the health of all Texans and to work for and direct distinctive solutions for all physicians to the challenges we all encounter in the care of our patients.

Bill Hinchey, MD
Past President, Texas Medical Association

Dr. Jay Shah had clearly demonstrated his commitment to organized medicine throughout the many years of service to the TMA and as delegate to the AMA. We, physicians of Texas, can be very proud of Jay’s service and his commitment to the principles of physicians in the practice of medicine whether it be private practice, academic endeavors, group practice, multi-specialty groups, specialty or Internal Medicine. His experience in serving Texas physicians is why we need Dr. Jay Shah as TMA’s President Elect  to continue his excellent service.

Dr. Tom Garcia
Past President, Texas Medical Association

I would like to endorse Dr. Shah to be our next President-Elect for the Texas Medical Association. I have had the privilege of serving with Dr. Shah on the TMA delegation to the AMA. As a newer alternate delegate to the delegation, Dr. Shah is always seeking out new members and willing to help me and other new members get up to speed on the work we do at the AMA. He is a passionate advocate for physicians at the state and national level. As President-Elect, I see that he will work to seek out the concerns of the members of the TMA and will be a fierce advocate for all physicians in Texas.

Shanna M. Combs, MD
Alternate Delegate to AMA from TMA

I would like to endorse Jay for TMA’s President Elect Election. He is passionate, energetic and thoughtful. We need more like him to represent us.

Rodolfo Molina, MD
Past President-BCMS, President-Arthritis Associates PA, Past President and Founder-State of Texas Association of Rheumatologists

I have witnessed Dr. Shah’s exceptional talents across a spectrum from our local medical staff to the national stage that is the AMA. At every level, his commitment, confidence, and vision inspire others to do great things. He has my highest endorsement for the TMA President Elect Election.

Ezequiel “Zeke” Silva III, MD
Chair, AMA RVS Update Committee (RUC) President, Elect BCMS

It is with great enthusiasm that I strongly support the re-election of Dr. Jayesh Shah to the TMA President Elect.  Jay has proven himself to be a compassionate and effective leader. His knowledge and commitment make him an enormous asset to the TMA BOT and organized medicine in general. He has represented the physicians of Texas admirably, and I know he will continue to do so.

Leah H. Jacobson, MD FAAP
Past President, Bexar County Medical Society

“Jay’s passion for advocacy is contagious! When I was new to organized medicine, he inspired me to become more active at the state and national level. If elected as TMA’s President Elect, I know Jay will continue to work tirelessly for Texas physicians and patients and continue to inspire others to do the same.”

Jennifer R. Rushton, MD
Alternate Delegate to the AMA Treasurer Elect, BCMS

I strongly endorse Dr. Jayesh Shah to become TMA President Elect. Dr. Shah is a strong leader and a personable and compassionate physician. He currently serves as an experienced trustee of the TMA. Dr. Shah has served as president of the Bexar County Medical Society and continues his activities on BCMS committees at the grassroots while also serving actively at the state level.

Adam V Ratner, MD, FACR
Past President, Bexar County Medical Society

“I strongly support and endorse Dr. Jayesh Shah for TMA President Elect. Dr. Shah is a kind, compassionate and caring person in all he does. He is a great listener, inclusive and collaborative in working with others. Dr. Shah has demonstrated excellent leadership in fulfilling key leadership roles at all levels of organized medicine. He has well served patients and clinicians for many years, and I am confident he will continue to do so if elected as a TMA President

Michael Battista, MD
Past Board of Director, BCMS

“Once in a while a leader emerges amidst many hardworking dedicated individuals. I believe that Jayesh Shah is one such individual with the passion to serve. We as a group should clinch the moment.”

Dr. Rajam Ramamurthy
Member, TMA Foundation ,Past President, BCMS
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