Why Dr. Jayesh (Jay)

Dear Friends:

Dr. Shah has been dedicated, passionate and successful in his service to the TMA and he is now ready to take the next step. Dr. Shah has spent most of his career working hard to protect our profession for our patients by getting good legislation passed as a Patron Club member of Tex Pac, a consistent First Tuesday Participant and president of several professional organizations He has served on the Board of Trustees since 2018, During his term in Board of Trustees, Dr. Shah oversaw a great number of successes including.


As the TMA President Elect, I promise to structure one of the best administered organizations that will be responsive to its members, supportive of the leadership and a true advocate for our mission. I will address:


I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jay Shah for many years at the Bexar County Medical Society, the Texas Medical Association, and the American Medical Association. Jay is a passionate, eager, and avid advocate for our profession.  Jay’s strong business acumen and organizational leadership have been an asset to TMA Board of Trustees for the past several years. Having an MBA, Jay understands the “business of medicine” as well as the “practice of medicine”, and Jay always advocates for quality health care. Jay has proven his passion for our profession at all levels by be.....

David N. Henkes, MD
Past Chair, TMA Board of Trustees Chair, Texas Delegation to AMA


Dr. Shah receiving TIPS lifetime achievement award from Dr. Fleeger, Past President, TMA