Why Dr. Jayesh (Jay)


Why To Elect Jayesh Shah as TMA President Elect.

Dear Friends:

Dr. Shah has been dedicated, passionate and successful in his service to the TMA and he is now ready to take the next step. Dr. Shah has spent most of his career working hard to protect our profession for our patients by getting good legislation passed as a Patron Club member of Tex Pac, a consistent First Tuesday Participant and president of several professional organizations He has served on the Board of Trustees since 2018, During his term in Board of Trustees, Dr. Shah oversaw a great number of successes including.

  • Protected our tort reforms of 2003.
  • Medicare Payment Reform- As part of AMA delegation worked hard to make sure physicians are paid fairly and equitably for the work they do.
  • First time increase in Medicaid Payment Rates for physicians since long time.
  • Scope of Practice: Your TMA blocked efforts by non- physicians’ practitioners to expand their scope of practice and passed the nation’s most comprehensive law formalizing the role of the physician as head of the medical care team.
  • Membership: Your TMA saw growth of membership to 57,000 – The highest in the nation among medical societies. Dr. Shah’s goal is to unite all physician members (Employed, Private Practice, Academic and Military Physicians) and increase membership to 100,000.
  • Red Tape Reduction. Passed gold carding law in Texas and passed similar law nationally.
  • Chaired loan and scholarship committee for last 2 years and created diversity in medicine scholarship fund.
  • Advocated on behalf of Texas physicians during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic so that private practices can survive, can receive PPE, loans, vaccinations, and all the necessary support they need.

Dr. Shah wants to finish the job he started many years ago, by taking the reins and leading the TMA during these unprecedented times. He is the strong leadership; we need to continue to protect our profession. Please vote for Dr. Jay Shah for TMA President Elect.

Dr. Jayesh B Shah
President – Elect
Strong, Collaborative and Proven leadership during these unprecedented times.

Proudly nominated by the Bexar County Medical Society.
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BCMS Nomination of Dr. Jayesh B. Shah as TMA President Elect
The Bexar County Medical Society(BCMS) is proud to nominate one of its outstanding leaders, Dr. Jayesh(Jay) Shah, for TMA President Elect

Dr. Shah is an exceptional candidate for the position of president-elect of the TMA. With his extensive experience as a practicing physician and his strong background in business, he possesses a unique blend of medical and organizational knowledge that can benefit the medical community in numerous ways.

Dr. Shah has a proven track record as a spokesperson, having served as president of several national, state, and county medical societies. This demonstrates his ability to effectively advocate for the needs and concerns of organized medicine. His experience and leadership skills make him well-equipped to represent physicians and address the challenges they face.

Having built his small group practice from scratch, Dr. Shah understands the challenges that threaten the viability of private practice. His firsthand experience gives him valuable insights into the unique difficulties faced by private practitioners. With this understanding, he can propose innovative solutions and implement strategies to support and preserve private practices, which are essential components of the healthcare system.

As a teacher of internal medicine at UIW Medical School and UT Health. Dr. Shah has a deep understanding of the financial stresses that academic programs encounter. This knowledge allows him to effectively navigate the financial challenges faced by these programs and ensure their long-term sustainability. By prioritizing the preservation and strengthening of academic institutions, he can secure their ability to educate and train future physicians.

Dr. Shah also recognizes the impact of corporatization on healthcare. Through his regular interactions with employed physicians, he has witnessed firsthand the effect on physician autonomy and the rising issue of burnout. By addressing these concerns, Dr. Shah aims to promote physician well-being and satisfaction. His plan includes measures to mitigate the negative effects of corporatization and create an environment that fosters professional fulfillment.

With his comprehensive approach to addressing these issues, Dr. Shah demonstrates his commitment to ensuring that medicine continues to attract dedicated and talented individuals. By prioritizing the needs of physicians, supporting private practices, preserving academic programs, and addressing the challenges posed by corporatization, he aims to create an environment conducive to delivering high-quality healthcare.

In conclusion, Dr. Shah’s exceptional qualifications, including his medical expertise, business acumen, and proven dedication to organized medicine, make him the ideal candidate for the position of president-elect of the TMA. His leadership and vision will undoubtedly contribute to shaping the future of healthcare in Texas, benefiting both physicians and patients alike. He is the right prescription for the TMA President Elect.

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Thank you for the support you gave me to serve as the TMA Board of Trustees.

With personal regards,
Dr. Jayesh Shah