Yasser Zeid, MD

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Jayesh Shah in various capacities over the years within the Texas Medical Association (TMA). Notably, we’ve served together on the TMA delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA), where his insights and guidance have been invaluable.

One of Dr. Shah’s most admirable qualities is his commitment to education and mentorship. His personal journey and achievements at Trinity University greatly influenced my own decision to enroll in the same program. He took the time to share his experiences and provide advice, showing a genuine interest in my future and success. His mentorship has not only been instrumental in my academic journey, but it has also significantly impacted my professional growth.

In our shared duties within the TMA and AMA, I have always been impressed by Dr. Shah’s ability to navigate complex scenarios with ease and clarity. He possesses a deep understanding of the inner workings of the AMA and is always willing to share this knowledge to benefit the team and the broader community.

Dr. Shah embodies the spirit of service, showing great dedication to his colleagues, his profession, and the medical community at large. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his personal integrity and leadership qualities, sets a high bar for all who work alongside him.

Given his outstanding professional competencies, personal qualities, and the profound impact he’s had on those around him, I am thrilled to support Dr. Shah’s campaign for President-Elect of the TMA. His leadership would undoubtedly propel our association and the healthcare community at large toward a promising future.

I recommend Dr. Jayesh Shah without reservation and look forward to his continued contributions and leadership in his role as President-Elect of the TMA.