Membership issues

  • Strengthen and empower the local chapters to create a strong base for AAPI
  • Encourage young physicians to take an active role in our region
  • Gear AAPI’s agenda towards the need of the young physicians who are the future of AAPI
  • In order to make a smooth transition to a younger generation, there should be a good mix of seasoned leaders with young ones at every level of decision making body
  • Take an unofficial survey to see how can young physicians take up the leadership positions. One obstacle is election expenses and hassle. Every organization has to conduct elections to choose their leaders, however it should be streamlined and made affordable
  • AAPI should change its dynamics and look at need of Indian physician diaspora changes, There is increase in number of second generation Indian physician who are ready to take charge, How can we engage them.. How can we make them feel welcomed?
  • Form partnerships with local chapters and our alumni association, form alliances..
  • How we can help local chapters administratively and share revenues of membership
  • Membership will increase if we can penetrate to the grass roots