Dear Jayesh/Neha,

Both of you and your wonderful team has done excellent job in keeping the spirit of friendship above and beyond AAPI. Hospitality was top notch, comradery was great. All arrangements including bus rides were wonderful. Hope future events by other chapters for such an event keep these things in mind. With fond memories,

Gita /Satish Anand MD
Board of Trustee, AAPI

Dear Jayeshbhai,

You have done a fantastic job putting all together. My hearty congratulations once again. Your entire team deserves credit for such a successful program. May be we should do something in Amarillo. The food was great, the dances were outstanding and the support and warmth of all your San Antonio folks was is an example of our Indian hospitality. Meeting with other AAPI colleagues was personally very rewarding and I learned a lot about them how they put enormous efforts at the cost of their practice and time to put interests of AAPI and its vision forward. You made extensive efforts to put the program together and this is a shining example of what the community can do things together.

Your thoughts in honoring Dr. Suryakant Patel is greatly appreciated. He relentlessly performs for AAPI and Indian community in general and provides me with guidance and support. WE have a TIPS meeting with CME organized on Oct 30th in Amarillo. Please accept my heart felt invitation to you all to visit Amarillo on this occasion if you can. After the CME talk I would like to discuss the progress AAPI has made particularly in reference to charitable foundation and the health care reform that Dr. Shah discussed to the local folks and drive to increase our membership.

Once again Meena and I sincerely appreciate what you have accomplished. You have my full support in future for such events and for your progress in AAPI as president in future.

My regards to Neha and your kids and parents

Prakash Desai,MD


On behalf of all BOT members I would like to congratulate you for putting up such a marvelous spectacle and hugely successful charitable fund raising event. You have raised the bar so high it would be difficult for others to match.

Sanat Gandhi
Chair, Board of Trustees, AAPI

“Jay is young physician with extraordinary energy, drive and love for medical profession and has good record of service to the Texas Medical Association “

Dr. Josie Williams
TMA Past President
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