Why To Elect Jayesh Shah as AAPI President 2013-2014

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your support that gave me the opportunity to serve as the AAPI Vice President. This position gave me some unique insights regarding the organization. Challenging as it may be I know we can propel our future to new heights and I need your vote again to continue to serve you.

I humbly submit my report card to you.

Report Card:

As your Secretary (2010 -2011):

  • Updated database of entire AAPI constituency ( Ongoing)
  • Streamlined employee procedures and completed Employee Manual and Convention Manual
  • Kept accurate records of all minutes of all meetings
  • Planned for 4 leadership conferences this year similar to the one that was held in Washington DC in April of last year. This year, the first leadership conference will be held in October at Newport Beach, California.
  • Worked actively with YPS and developed plans for scholarship for legislative internship and for community service.
  • As the AAPI liaison officer for the Observership Committee, I am working diligently with the Committee Chair to expand this program in the US
  • As your representative, I attended multiple local chapter meetings. Organized successful 2nd AAPI Family Cruise in collaboration with IMASC and IMA Chicago
  • With the help of TIPS SW chapter leadership, 2nd fund raiser event for the AAPI Charitable Foundation was organized in San Antonio. Donated $15,000 to AAPI Charitable Foundation and $15,000 to Fallen Heroes Fund
  • Organized 3rd AAPI CME event in South Padre Island, Texas
  • Worked actively and helped with Indo US EM Summit in Vadodara, India by procuring grants to make this program successful in India
  • Worked closely with organized medicine at state, national and subspecialty level-
  • I continue to remain the AAPI liaison to AMA as a Past Chair of IMG section and I will continue to advocate on behalf of IMG’s and other physicians.

As your Treasurer (2009 – 2010)


  • Kept close tabs on expenditure and income and presented the accounts at the Governing Body meeting in San Antonio and will continue to keep the process transparent
  • Brought new sponsorships to cover the entire expense of journal so it is budget neutral
  • Organized a Successful fundraiser for AAPI charitable foundation and also
    centralized the YPS and MSRF sections accounts in the AAPI office
  • Saved 10 Lakh Rupees by reviewing and negotiating contract with La Meridian, New Delhi and Changing location to Maurya Sheraton


  • Organized the Governing body meeting in San Antonio
  • Chaired the Charitable Foundation Gala
  • Past President Texas Indo-American Physicians Society
  • Chair of AMA IMG Section Governing body; Alternate Delegate to Texas Medical Association
  • Editor for San Antonio Medicine; Chair, Education Committee, American College of Certified Wound Specialists
  • Founding Member, Hyperbaric Society of India
  • Key Note Speech: 5th Annual Asian Hyperbaric Medical Society Meeting, Goa, India
  • Co-Chair, Diabetes Section, Global Summit, 2009, 2010


  • Member of team at Washington DC that worked on increasing GME slots
  • Member of team that presented the AMA IMG Workforce Document (
  • Led the effort on AMA putting out the guidelines on Observerships
  • Led the First AMA IMG Symposium

As your Regional Director (2007 – 2009)

  • Brought 100 new patron members
  • Started Arkansas Chapter of AAPI

I am grateful to you for your trust, confidence and guidance. Your help is of paramount importance to me to win this election.
I hope you will encourage your colleagues and friends to Vote for Jayesh Shah as President of AAPI

With personal regards,
Dr. Jayesh Shah