Why To Elect Jayesh Shah as Treasurer 2009-2010

Dear Friends:

Over a decade, I have been involved in many organizations where I made a difference. My experience in dealing with delicate situations and interaction with friends and adversaries without offending them has enabled me to take up this daunting task. Today AAPI is a formidable and premiere ethnic organization, thanks to the past visionary leaders. My friends, no one can speak for me better than you, who are aware of my passion, dedication and unwavering commitment to serve.

Today AAPI is different. Many second generation physicians are born and educated in the US. There is a need of a leader who understands their concerns and aspirations, a leader who can enthuse and motivate them to come forward not only to serve AAPI but also mainstream organizations, a leader who can bridge the gap between the senior and the young physicians. I am committed to take up that challenge and to be the connecting link between the past and the future.

As your Treasurer, I promise to streamline administrations of AAPI which will be receptive and responsive to its members, support my fellow leaders and truly advocate the mission. I will address;

  • Financial stability through prudent budgeting and creative sponsorship
  • Be a team player, work with leaders to achieve AAPI’s long term goals
  • Develop a 5 year strategic plan for AAPI that can sustain change in leadership
  • Utilize AAPI’s membership strength to create and lobby for meaningful legislative agenda at the federal level
  • Create a common platform for communicating national issues to the current and future members
  • Strengthen base of AAPI by empowering local chapters
  • Widen philanthropic arm of AAPI through involvement in mainstream philanthropic organizations in the US through corporate support
  • Strengthen AAPI’s ties with other ethnic and main stream organization and become part of a common voice in organized medicine
  • Create a national consortium of charitable clinics under the aegis of AAPI to share ideas and solutions for common issues
  • Develop and expand externship programs in the US
  • Increase involvement of young physicians and enhance smooth transition of Leadership of AAPI to a younger generation

I am grateful to you for your trust, confidence and guidance. Your help is of paramount importance to me to win this election. I hope you will encourage your colleagues and friends to Vote for Jayesh Shah as Treasurer of AAPI

With personal regards,
Dr. Jayesh Shah

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