Mission and Goals as AAPI President

As your President, I promise to structure one of the best administered organizations that will be responsive to its members, supportive of the leadership and a true advocate for our mission. I will address:

  • Work with the leadership to achieve AAPI’s short and long term goals
  • Develop Policy and Procedure Manual for day to day functioning of AAPI
  • Develop a 5 year strategic plan for AAPI that can sustain change in leadership
  • Utilize AAPI’s membership strength to create and lobby for meaningful legislative agenda at the federal level
  • Create a common platform for communicating national issues to the current and future members
  • Strengthen base of AAPI by empowering local chapters
  • Widen philanthropic arm of AAPI by joining mainstream philanthropic organizations in the US through corporate support
  • Strengthen AAPI’s ties by joining hands with other ethnic and main stream organization for a strong voice in advocacy
  • Create a national consortium of charitable clinics under the aegis of AAPI to share ideas and solutions for common issues
  • Develop and expand externship programs in the US
  • Increase the membership by 15%
  • Increase involvement of medical students, residents, fellows, young physicians and enhance their involvement in mainstream AAPI

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