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Dr. Jayesh Shah hails from India. His late father, Chief Engineer of Gujarat Electricity Board, was his mentor. He instilled in young Jayesh values of hard, sincere work, integrity and character. Giving back to the community has always been his motto and mission of life. Today giving time, resources for the community remains Jayesh’s priority. It was difficult to get into a medical school but he succeeded due to sheer determination and perseverance. In 1992 he graduated from Baroda Medical College, Gujarat. After completing his residency at St. Luke’s / Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York, he moved to Texas in 1996. He is now practicing Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound care in San Antonio.(Learn more about his work at www.wounddoctors.com.) He has emerged as a budding scientist. To his credit, he has published numerous articles, scientific papers, and chapters. He is widely acclaimed by getting national awards and recognition. Today he is sought after to deliver lectures nationally and internationally. His clinical work has gained him reputation in the City of San Antonio.

At a young age, Jayesh Shah has many accomplishments to his credit. His unwavering dedication, eye for details, persuasive style has helped him. He has made a difference to each organization he has been associated with. His experience, leadership skills and connectivity among the diverse organizations has poised him to serve AAPI.


My wife Neha is a part time physical therapist and takes pride in being my office manager. Prachi is my eleven year old daughter who is excited to be in middle school and quite an artist and a dancer. Aj is a rough player, right now in cars and only time will tell what the future holds. I am blessed to have my mother with me who is nurturing my kids with our culture, religion and language. Jayesh Shah in his free time likes to play with his kids.He loves to play Basketball,Badminton and also Jog.

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Dr. Jayesh Shah and Neha

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