AAPI Issues

    General issues:
  • Forum for general members to raise issues at general body meetings
  • Forum for local chapters and state chapters to bring their issues to national AAPI
  • Strengthen AAPI office in Chicago
  • Open a legislative office in Washington..
  • Increase visibility and role of all Board of Trustee Members in daily AAPI activities
  • Increase visibility and role of regional directors and local and alumni chapters
  • General body meeting should discuss issues from general members which executive committee needs to work on rather than listening to long reports
  • Face to face committee meeting should happen during governing body and convention
  • Leadership development conferences for our MSRF/Resident/Fellow section and young physician members

    Membership issues:
  • Strengthen and empower the local chapters to create a strong base for AAPI
  • Encourage young physicians to take an active role in our region
  • Gear AAPI’s agenda towards the need of the young physicians who are the future of AAPI
  • In order to make a smooth transition to a younger generation, there should be a good mix of seasoned leaders with young ones at every level of decision making body
  • Take an unofficial survey to see how can young physicians take up the leadership positions. One obstacle is election expenses and hassle. Every organization has to conduct elections to choose their leaders, however it should be streamlined and made affordable
  • AAPI should change its dynamics and look at need of Indian physician diaspora changes, There is increase in number of second generation Indian physician who are ready to take charge, How can we engage them.. How can we make them feel welcomed?
  • Form partnerships with local chapters and our alumni association, form alliances..
  • How we can help local chapters administratively and share revenues of membership
  • Membership will increase if we can penetrate to the grass roots

    IMG issues:
  • My experience as a TMA- IMG section and Present AMA- IMG section Chair, I have knowledge, experience and passion to address IMG issues. I am your champion for IMG issues
  • As the Chair of IMG of American Medical Association, I would further my work to seek fair consideration of IMG’s to national residency programs
  • With Present Health Care Reform, Actively advocating to increase GME positions
  • I am a part of the AMA work group on externship to develop a program that can be implemented by various states. I am working on expanding these programs across the nation to help the IMG’s awaiting residency
  • As the co-chair of the AMA liaison committee, I plan to create a common platform for communicating national issues to the current and potential membership base

    Legislative Issues:
  • As part of the executive committee, I would take a lead in addressing bread and butter issues that are related to our day to day practice as physicians
  • Texas has tort reform but not all states have it. We have seen a positive impact of the Tort Reform in the state of Texas. We need to have legislation to sustain and promote tort reform in all states
  • Parity in licensure between IMG’s and USMG’s
  • Lifting the cap for Medicare funding, for residency funding.
  • As you all know, the H.R. 6331, “the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008”, is now a law. How did it happen? Because of hard working doctor leaders at various levels of Organized Medicine, and because of your vote, and mine. All of our participation counts to make a difference
  • Legislation for liability relief for charitable work and pro bona care

    Administrative Issues:
  • An office to support AAPI’s mission and goals
  • Interactive Web site. ( Webmaster in the office to support it)
  • Send issues to be discussed at the General body meeting or in the Governing Body Meeting to members 30 days in advance Or post on the website
  • Routinely look for opinions and small survey. For example,
    - Do you think we need an Executive Director?     Y    N
    - Would you be willing to pay small increase in dues for that?   Y  N
  • Transparency is more important. For that, communication is essential, through web, AAPI-gram, e-mail etc. There should be some communication at least twice a month
  • Keep accurate record of attendance at the GB and General Body meeting. Make a process swift like swiping a card or a badge. It may be expensive but worth it

    Charitable Foundation:
  • Charitable foundation dinner should be part of all conventions… Friday evening gala dinner should be Charitable foundation night
  • Silent auction during charitable foundation night
  • Charitable foundation awards
  • Should continue AAPI charitable foundation dinner also as a part of governing body meetings
  • Widen philanthropic arm of AAPI through involvement in mainstream philanthropic organizations in the US through corporate support
  • National charitable clinic consortium of all the charitable clinics in this country should be formed under aegis of AAPI charitable foundation
  • More recognition to charitable foundation leadership during convention

    Social issues/Convention:
  • Showcase Indian culture
  • Entertainment programs for all age groups
  • Increase family events, try to bring young physicians together
  • Special agenda for spouses and kids
  • Avoid conflicting events with CME
  • Increase attendance in convention by building relationship and alliances with various chapters and allumnii

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